Our Gin


Operating one of the smallest licensed stills in the UK, our nano distillery produces gin in tiny batches. The handcrafted nature of our gin means that we have tiny variations of flavour through our distillation runs. We then combine every six runs to create a batch equivalent to approximately thirty bottles. This results in each batch of gin having it's own unique personality. One Eyed Harry is a gin that can hold it's own, whether drunk neat, in a fancy cocktail or a traditional G&T the flavour of One Eyed Harry carries through uncompromised. We finally decided on a combination of 11 different botanicals, citrus led, to produce our truly artisan gin. Handmade, hand bottled and hand labelled you can be assured that each bottle has been made with that extra special personal touch.

Our Story


One Eyed Harry is the culmination of a few lively evenings spent with friends and family. Fed up with gins that were not robust enough to compete with the flavour of tonics and garnishes, we set out to create a gin that could hold it's own. We are a husband and wife team both in the creative industry, taking inspiration from our local area and favourite flavours.  

Our Name


One Eyed Harry gets it's name from King Harold II (Harold Godwinson), who is probably most famous for his depiction in the Bayeux Tapestry. There he is seen to be killed at The Battle of Hastings with an arrow through the eye. The final resting place of this legendary Monarch is the market town of Waltham Abbey, where we are proud to both live and create our gin - A gin that is robust enough to take anything you can throw at it, unlike the king!